Climbing Green Canyon Road near Inkom, Idaho

12 percent grade 2.2 milesJust when I think I’ve conquered all the toughest road climbs in the area, I meet a longer, steeper road.  But I guess that’s life in the Rocky Mountain Range, aye?  That and I’m pretty new to cycling compared to many people I know :-)  Inkom, Idaho is on the west side of the Portneuf Range which contains Bonneville Peak and the Pebble Creek Ski Area.  Green Canyon Road is the road that goes up to the ski area and this is the road that I set out to climb two weekends ago.  I didn’t quite understand what lay before me!

A friend of mine told me that the road turned to gravel at some point so I decided to take my trusty mountain bike.  After cycling to Inkom, I refilled my water bottles at the local park (Glenn Park Field) and continued on to Green Canyon Road via US Highway 91 and Inkom Road.  Upon entering Green Canyon Road, I felt that I knew this place and almost immediately I recognized it as the place my mother grew up.  I remember her showing me the house and the pasture so many years before and I stopped to take some shots of the house.  As I continued my cycling, I was shifting down, shifting back up and standing up, and doing every other technique I knew to keep pushing on at a decent rate.  Either I was tired or this road is pretty friggin’ steep; later I found a sign that proved that the latter was true!

forrested area near Inkom, IdahoThe area is pretty scenic and green, thus the road name.  I passed forrest and pastures and felt like I was in Hobbitville or something.  After pausing to take some snapshots of some birdhouse art (see the gallery), it was confirmed that I was indeed in the land of Hobbits.  A pretty cool work of art and congrats to whoever built it!  After pausing for a rest and a granola bar, I came upon a sign that said “12% grade 2.2 miles” and that confirmed for me that this was one of the steepest roads I’d ever cycled on.

After getting to the part of this road that begins switchbacking up the mountains, I realized that I needed to get back home since I promised Emily I’d  be back by 2:00 pm and the time was nearly 1:00.  I knew this probably wouldn’t be a problem because I’d probably break the sound barrier on the downhill.  And the downhill was absolutely exhilarating, hauling ass down the snaking road.  Lots of fun.  I recommend this ride to anyone who loves a good hillclimb!

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