Chesterfield Cycle Camp 2014

The trail to Chesterfield

I’m writing about an event that happened like a year and a half ago (May 3, 2014 to be exact). Because I’m that lazy about updating my blog sometimes. Dan and Jeff, feel free to correct me about some of these statements since your memory might be better than mine. […]

Pipeline Campground Cycle Camp, Labor Day 2012

Cycling to American Falls On Frontage Road

My usual cycle camping buddies (Travis Poppe and Dan Lloyd) and I were eager to do an overnighter soon, and Labor Day weekend was approaching. Recently, Jeff Selfa had joined our circle of geeky beer drinking cycling folks and Travis had gotten himself a girlfriend, Justina, and […]

Scout Mountain Cycle Camp 2012

Travis' Hennessy Hammock

For those of you who just want to browse the photos taken at this cycle camp, here is the gallery! The photos were taken with cell phones by various people, most likely while under the influence. ;-p Also, I was too lazy to put the photos in chronological order in the […]

Cycle Camp 2010!

Bikes and Trailers

As you may have read in my past articles, every year my buddies and I have to do a cycle camp. The summer is just not complete without one. They usually involve cycling too far, carrying too much gear, exhaustion, and heavy drinking. :-)

We enjoyed camping in Goodenough Canyon near […]

Hawkins Reservoir Cycle Camp

Relaxing at Hawkins Camp Ground

On August 29, 2009, my long-time cycle camping buddy, Travis, and I set out for Hawkins Reservoir (40 miles away from Pocatello) to do an overnight cycle camp. We’d never camped at Hawkins Reservoir before, but with a bit of looking around online, we discovered that it did have […]

Three-Day Cycle Camp From Pocatello To Lava Hot Springs

My cycling buddy, tlp, and I were planning to do a ride which hadn’t turned out so well for us two years earlier (see tlp’s blog about it here). But this year, we were in better shape and had more cycling experience, so we felt ready for riding from Pocatello to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, […]

My First Successful S24O

What is an S24O? It is an acronym that stands for Sub 24-hour Overnight bicycle camping trip, coined by Rivendell Bicycle Works! I say that this was my first successful S24O because, last year, I attempted one with a couple of friends and we made some poor decisions. I’ll leave it at that for now. […]