The Two Cycling Philosophies (Classifications?)

I still consider myself a new cyclist in a lot of ways, and what I’m about to write has been written a bunch of different ways, and probably better ways, in the past by other much more experienced cyclists. But, hey, there’s nothing wrong about writing down your own thoughts in your own way. And […]

My Ideas For Bannock Transportation Planning

I recently received an invitation from the Bannock Transportation Planning Organization to attend an open house to discuss needs and strategies to address problems with our streets and highways, how these problems effect cyclists and pedestrians, and problems with our transit system. I won’t be able to attend the open house due to prior commitments, […]

The McDonald’s and Beer Diet

Want a body like mine? Yes you do (ok, maybe)! What’s my secret? Eating a sensible diet (most of the time), eating junk food occasionally, drinking loads of beer, and cycling to work everyday! :-) Just look at that sculpted arm from years of lifting heavy mugs of beer! Just look at that not-too-big beer […]