The McDonald’s and Beer Diet

Want a body like mine?  Yes you do (ok, maybe)!  What’s my secret?  Eating a sensible diet (most of the time), eating junk food occasionally, drinking loads of beer, and cycling to work everyday!  :-)  Just look at that sculpted arm from years of lifting heavy mugs of beer!  Just look at that not-too-big beer gut!  Look at those cyclist legs!  This is the diet breakthrough of the century, folks.

But, anyway, on to today’s story.  I didn’t have time to bring lunch to work today, so I took glee in the opportunity to cycle on over to a nearby McDonald’s and get a few McDouble Cheeseburgers and McChicken Sandwiches!  Mmm!  Having McDonald’s too often would get pretty boring, but once every few weeks is a treat.

After riding into the parking lot, I noticed they had placed a bright yellow bike rack on the sidewalk.  Wow, I guess they got tired of me and the other cyclists chaining our bikes to the kiddie playground fence!  I was elated!  It’s also a very nice bike rack that holds your front wheel and makes it easy to fasten both your front wheel and frame to the rack.  Way to go McDonald’s!

I walked in and got a slight grin from the girl at the counter who tried to hide her expression as she looked at my Velcro straps around my pant legs.  Ok, I guess I did look a little geeky with my plaid button-up shirt and dress pants with straps.  Ah, well, cyclists do their thing and we don’t care how we look, mmkay?  ;-)

After taking my order, I said, “Wow, it’s nice that you guys put a bike rack outside, I’m lovin’ it!”  Then I quickly grimaced in pain and said, “Umm, sorry I said that.  I hate that slogan.  Gah.”  They snickered and handed me my order.

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