Fatbike Winter Trail Ride

Quite a bit of snow fell last night. I witnessed this blizzard as I looked out the window occasionally from around 2 am to 4 am. I was doing some system maintenance for my job while eating a really late night dinner. I had the next day off, which made it worth it. Mostly.

Today, […]

Two Hour Challenge Ride, Version 2

Ten days ago, on Thanksgiving, I gave my 2 Hour Challenge Ride a good honest try. But, as I explained in that article, at around the 1 hour 20 minute mark I was starting to feel some fatigue. I neglected to mention in that article that along with my legs starting to feel fatigued, I […]

Two Hour Challenge Ride, Thanksgiving 2014

It seems like almost every year, Thanksgiving has perfect cycling / running / whatever weather. I think the universe is telling us to burn some calories before taking too many of them in. :-D This Thanksgiving, it was 50 degrees and sunny, so I decided to do my 2 Hour Challenge Ride! This is a […]

Another Lesson In Mountain Biking: Really Steep Hills

East Cedar Street Trail

This blog entry is a continuation of my personal mountain bicycling learning journey that I started recently. I am a road cyclist who is learning the art of mountain biking with a little help from my friends. :-)

Last fall, Jeff Selfa was kind enough to take me, and some […]

Learning To Mountain Bike

Chinese Peak, West Trail

I have spent the vast majority of my cycling time on the road. It’s useful (in terms of commuting), it’s easy, it’s a great workout (in terms of those wonderful weekend road rides), and there’s very few variables involved to throw off it’s sheer simplicity and ease. Most of the […]

Bicycle Speed Comparison

Booth Drive to the end of Pocatello Creek Road

I’ve been riding a touring bike, road racer, and mountain bike for the last 5 years and each one feels different in terms of riding position, speed, and maneuverability. The touring bike has a long wheel base, 32 mm tires, and is about the best […]

Riding The Tour De Vins 54 Mile Route

Family Services Alliance of Southeast Idaho puts on a yearly bike ride called the Tour de Vins and they have a variety of routes that can be taken. The routes range from “kid friendly” to “one heck of a 3 hour workout”. Naturally I had to sign-up for the most difficult one (see route here). […]

Bicycle Handling And Technique

Throughout my approximately 4 years of recreational and commuter cycling, I’ve mainly concentrated on getting faster, buying better bicycles, getting better at hill-climbing (haha!), vehicular cycling techniques, and other main staples of cycling. These all sort of come naturally over time. Some of the things that don’t come quite as naturally to me are bicycle […]

My Favorite 2-Hour Challenge Ride

Courtesy, Mapmyride.com

For the last few years, I have been using a really fun and scenic route over and over again that is also quite popular with many other cyclists in Pocatello. This route consists of Portneuf Road, Rapid Creek Road, and Buckskin Road, and is some of the most beautiful territory near Pocatello. […]

First 50 Miler of the Year! w00t!

I was dying to ride my new Windsor Tourist that I bought a month ago from bikesdirect.com (I’ll post pics soon!) So yesterday, I set out with tlp to do McCammon and back. The temperature was a balmy 45 degrees or so, but the wind was blowing steadily from the south at about 15 mph. […]