Fatbike Winter Trail Ride

Quite a bit of snow fell last night.  I witnessed this blizzard as I looked out the window occasionally from around 2 am to 4 am.  I was doing some system maintenance for my job while eating a really late night dinner.  I had the next day off, which made it worth it.  Mostly.

Today, about 4 pm, I headed out for a nearby trail to see how my fat bike handled.  Or, rather, if I could handle the trail.   I headed out on E. Cedar St. trail, alternating my riding between thick snow and some vehicle tire tracks.  It was pretty nice until the snow got a bit deeper, the grade got a bit steeper, and the vehicle tracks ended.  Then I started just spinning out a lot.  I’m going to give it another shot in a few days after dropping my tire pressure a bit and I’ll see if that makes a difference on the steep-and-deep stuff.

2 comments to Fatbike Winter Trail Ride

  • Jeff Selfa

    For this control study, what was your PSI? What is your tire width (measured)?
    Happy trails!

  • My tires are Vee Rubber Mission 26×4.0. They have some pretty minor tread and don’t look as wide as other makes and models of 26×4.0 that I’ve seen. The sidewall is marked 8-22 psi, and I think I had them somewhere around 12 psi. I’m going to lower the psi more next time and see how I do. The snow was about 6 inches deep and pretty wet and thick at the top of this ride. Fluffy / dry snow would have been easier to ride in.

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