Fall Adventures!

I’m finally getting around to writing short summaries of 4 great adventures I got to experience last fall! I took quite a few photos of it all and organized them all chronologically in this gallery. Enjoy!

Scout Mountain Hike, September 20, 2020

A friend and I decided to hike to the top of Scout […]

95 F Trail Ride

Making use of my sexy new bicycle

After Pocatello enters the 3 month hotter-than-hell season, it is important to get started on your bike ride as early in the day as possible. However, sometimes this just doesn’t happen either because of scheduling conflicts, or you’re just lazy and want to sleep in on Sunday. […]

Trails Near Idaho State University

Thank goodness for Google Maps, especially their satellite view! It makes looking around for interesting places to cycle quite easy. Also, it’s fun to check out recreation Web sites such as BLM.gov and then look around on Google Maps to see if you can get an idea of where a campground or trail system is […]

Desert Cycling In St. George, Utah

Desert view along Red Hills Parkway

Every few years, I join my family for a vacation at my grandmother-in-law’s house in the town of Washington, a suburb of St. George, Utah. And this year I decided to bring along my touring bicycle to do some exploration and photography around the area, and to see […]

Mountain Bike Ride Near Scout Mountain

Trying to look like a real MTBer.

A few months ago, a couple of friends of mine, Dan and Darren, expressed their yearning for a mountain bike ride, so being the avid cyclist that I am (or try to be), I agreed to come along. I’ve never been very good at mountain biking […]

The Ultimate Cyclocross Workout Ride. Sort Of.

Korey the cyclocross fan.

Ok, I’ve never competed in cyclocross, but I love watching cyclocross, so that counts for something! And yesterday I did some off-road hill-climbing, maneuvering tricky descents, and riding through mud and snow -laden trails on my touring bike. Ok, I never had to dismount and carry my bike, but I […]

Mountain Biking With My Touring Bike

The above map shows my intended route for my Saturday afternoon ride. However, I went too far up Michaud Creek Road and ended up performing a hike-a-bike over a very craggy, rock-strewn, god forsaken mountain top trail, then trail riding down City Creek trail (runs parallel to Trail Creek Road about a mile or […]

Garden Creek Gap Ride, 76 Miles

I haven’t had the time to ride every weekend lately, and this chilly spring hasn’t helped get me out the door either. But this weekend was fabulous and I was ready to go on an adventurous ride that would make up for lost time. Click the map on the left to see where I went! […]

Cycling Through Mordor!

This spring, as any Idahoan could tell you, has been cold and miserable. Everyone has been waiting for 70 degrees, but it is having a really tough time getting here. As I write this, it is 1:00 pm on May 11, and the current temperature is 68 degrees. Sigh.

On March 30, tlp and I […]

Mink Creek Rd. – Arbon Valley Highway Loop

Tlp and I did this ride on Saturday, March 21, and it was a blast in two different ways: it was really fun and windy as hell!

We took Bannock Highway out of Pocatello which does a slow, steady climb of about 1500 feet on Mink Creek Road. This was a pretty slow grind, especially […]