Mink Creek Rd. – Arbon Valley Highway Loop

Mink Creek to Arbon Valley Highway LoopTlp and I did this ride on Saturday, March 21, and it was a blast in two different ways: it was really fun and windy as hell!

We took Bannock Highway out of Pocatello which does a slow, steady climb of about 1500 feet on Mink Creek Road.  This was a pretty slow grind, especially with all the wind coming from the south.  However, it was very scenic with aspen trees, mountains, and snow all around.  After it seemed the climb would never end, the decent appeared.  Again, the cycling was slowed by the winds, which I estimate were around 20 mph with gusts to 35 mph.  I’d love to try this section again on a less windy day!

The area between the Mink Creek area and the little farming community known as Pauline is rolling hills with some flat parts.  Very scenic (sort of a big valley between snowy mountain ranges) and you get the feeling that you are really out in the middle of nowhere.  You get a feeling of peace and exhilaration at the same time.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  ;-)

After Pauline, the ride turns back northwest towards Pocatello.  It was at that point that the wind turned from drudgery into a ton of fun!  Yep, top gear, the whole way back!  Woo hoo!

This ride took about 4.5 hours and was about 65 miles.  I’d like to try it the other way around the loop sometime.

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