Gravity Bullseye Monster Review

Gravity Bullseye Monster

So, in case you haven’t heard, a few days ago I purchased a new Gravity Bullseye Monster (yeesh, that name is heinous) from, which makes my sixth purchase from that company. They just keep sucking me back in with their great deals and fairly high quality products. I can’t complain.


The Elegant, No-Engine, Reel Lawn Mower

And here we have my first non-cycling-related article on this blog, which some of you might find a pleasant relief. However, it is still somewhat related since the subject matter is still about human-powered machines, the “simpler is just as good or maybe better” concept, and being environmentally friendly. This article is about how I […]

Miles From Nowhere by Barbara Savage

Miles From Nowhere by Barbara Savage

I recently finished reading the non-fiction novel Miles From Nowhere by Barbara Savage, a must-read for anyone who is the least bit into exploring, adventure cycling, and traveling. Heck, anyone who is into anthropology, geography, culture, etc. should read it as well. I’m into all of the above, […]

Windsor Cliff 4300 Review

Windsor Cliff 4300

Windsor Cliff 4300 Gallery

Ok, folks, this isn’t going to be an exhaustive review, and I’ve only taken this bike on one significant mountain bike ride (a better review would come after, say, 500 miles of riding or something). But I can give you what I’ve observed so far!

First […]

Low Cost Racks And Panniers

My good friend and cycling buddy, Travis, really, really cares about his cycling experience and he is serious about it. He only buys excellent quality equipment with rave reviews. His touring bicycle is equipped with a Tubus rear rack ($90) and a pair of Ortlieb panniers ($150). That equipment is probably going to last him […]

Touring Bike Photos: My Windsor Tourist

I have recently purchased an addition to my fleet of bicycles: the Windsor Tourist. This is a touring style bicycle that currently sells for $599.99 at, however I hear that price will be going up soon. Compared to other touring bicycles (Jamis Aurora, Surly Long Haul Trucker, Raleigh Sojourn, etc.) this bike is […]

Replacing A Bicycle Freewheel

Last weekend I successfully replaced the freewheel on my Dawes road bicycle! Here’s the full story.

Once upon a time at work, I was boasting to my coworker, John Bickelhaupt (who also happens to be a long time bike mechanic), that I had put about 3,500 miles on my Dawes road bike without replacing a […]

Tire Liners Work Great Against Punctures

I admit that I am a pinch-penny. My family says I have a bit of Jewish heritage, so I usually use that as my excuse. :-) But, really, I bicycle because it’s fun and it saves me money in commuting costs and in vacationing costs. Bicycling to work is fun and very feasible, and I […]


Commuting by bicycle to work everyday is a great way to get into shape, save a ton of cash on gasoline, and emit less pollution. I love riding to work everyday and it seems to get more enjoyable everyday. There’s nothing like getting some endorphins flowing while feeling the wind flowing over you, smelling the […]