Wandering Through Farm Land on a Sunday

Just about every Sunday morning, my friend Travis and I go on a long-ass bike ride. However, last Sunday the 27th of July, he wasn’t feeling well, so I went off by myself. And here is how it went.

After learning that Travis wasn’t going anywhere that morning, I thought that I would try the […]

Climbing Green Canyon Road near Inkom, Idaho

Just when I think I’ve conquered all the toughest road climbs in the area, I meet a longer, steeper road. But I guess that’s life in the Rocky Mountain Range, aye? That and I’m pretty new to cycling compared to many people I know :-) Inkom, Idaho is on the west side of the Portneuf […]

Trail Riding in Roanoke, Virginia

The company I work for sent me to Roanoke, Virginia for two weeks to work on some new projects. I met a co-worker of mine there who lent me his Trek Navigator comfort bike for the weekend since he was headed off on some business. He also suggested a few good areas around Roanoke for […]


A few other people seem to have invented this word before I could. Rats. Ah, well, it’s a great hobby nevertheless, and one that I’ve started last week! Driving a car around to take interesting photos is too fast; you miss a lot in a car, I think. Besides, a car can’t go all the […]

Trail Riding Around Blackrock Canyon

Last Sunday (April 13) the weather was wonderful, finally. And I could tell everyone else in the area was grateful; lots of motorcyclists and bicyclists were out along with people doing yard work and even a few people just laying out and sunning themselves. Yes, it has been a long, cold winter and spring.

So, […]