CyclophotographyA few other people seem to have invented this word before I could. Rats. Ah, well, it’s a great hobby nevertheless, and one that I’ve started last week! Driving a car around to take interesting photos is too fast; you miss a lot in a car, I think. Besides, a car can’t go all the places a mountain bike can. Heck, a Hummer can’t go where a mountain bike can either! And hiking around for photo opportunities is kind of slow and time consuming. Thus, cyclophotography is the answer! If you take a look at my blogroll, you’ll see that I’m certainly not the first one to discover this.

The camera I use is a Sony Cybershot (4.1 Megapixel). Yeah, not a stupendous camera, but it does the job for at least web-quality photos. I then use ImageMagick programs and a few Perl scripts I wrote to auto-generate different sizes of each photo, sharpen them, and produce an HTML gallery. Yes, to most people this is kind of crazy since there are much easier ways to create web galleries than this, but then again those are the kind of people who drive to work everyday instead of riding their bicycles, right? ;-)

Mountain road sceneSo anyway, this is my very first official cyclophotography gallery taken along Gibson Jack road in southern Pocatello, Idaho while riding my favorite road bicycle. It was around 7:00 pm and the sun was getting close to setting, but I took a few shots before it got dark. Not a very wonderful gallery but I’m sure I’ll find some more interesting scenes to shoot as the warm season goes on… or rather if it ever gets here!

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