Trail Riding Around Blackrock Canyon

Last Sunday (April 13) the weather was wonderful, finally. And I could tell everyone else in the area was grateful; lots of motorcyclists and bicyclists were out along with people doing yard work and even a few people just laying out and sunning themselves. Yes, it has been a long, cold winter and spring.

So, I decided to explore an unexplored territory for me: Blackrock canyon.

Blackrock Canyon map

It’s a rather nice place with restrooms, picnic tables, gazebos and a table map of the trail system. According to the map, you can go up one of the trails that turn to the left and it goes all the way up and over China Peak, down to Barton road and back to Pocatello. I’ve gotta do that trail sometime. Anyway, I explored as far up each trail as I could go without getting into mud. About 500 feet up each hill and you run into “glacial runoff” as I call it. I even slipped in the mud while try to see what was over one of the ridges; ah, but what is a mountain biking adventure without getting filthy? Blackrock Canyon seems to be a favorite among equestrians; I saw about 10 or so horseback riders up there. That’s actually one of the no-so-attractive things about this area: the trails are pretty beaten to death by horse hooves so the dirt is rather loose and so spinning out and sinking in the loose dirt is commonplace. Oh, and here’s a pic of the bike I was riding… yes, it’s another Taiwan special :-)

Motobecane mountain bike

I would have posted photos of the area but, alas, I forgot to bring along my camera. Meh, anyway, I’ll remember next time. I promise. :-p

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