Portneuf Valley Bike To Work Month Is Here!

Learning To Mountain Bike

Chinese Peak, West Trail

I have spent the vast majority of my cycling time on the road. It’s useful (in terms of commuting), it’s easy, it’s a great workout (in terms of those wonderful weekend road rides), and there’s very few variables involved to throw off it’s sheer simplicity and ease. Most of the […]

Pipeline Campground Cycle Camp, Labor Day 2012

Cycling to American Falls On Frontage Road

My usual cycle camping buddies (Travis Poppe and Dan Lloyd) and I were eager to do an overnighter soon, and Labor Day weekend was approaching. Recently, Jeff Selfa had joined our circle of geeky beer drinking cycling folks and Travis had gotten himself a girlfriend, Justina, and […]

Bicycle Speed Comparison

Booth Drive to the end of Pocatello Creek Road

I’ve been riding a touring bike, road racer, and mountain bike for the last 5 years and each one feels different in terms of riding position, speed, and maneuverability. The touring bike has a long wheel base, 32 mm tires, and is about the best […]

The Elegant, No-Engine, Reel Lawn Mower

And here we have my first non-cycling-related article on this blog, which some of you might find a pleasant relief. However, it is still somewhat related since the subject matter is still about human-powered machines, the “simpler is just as good or maybe better” concept, and being environmentally friendly. This article is about how I […]

Scout Mountain Cycle Camp 2012

Travis' Hennessy Hammock

For those of you who just want to browse the photos taken at this cycle camp, here is the gallery! The photos were taken with cell phones by various people, most likely while under the influence. ;-p Also, I was too lazy to put the photos in chronological order in the […]

Happy Holidays!

Trails Near Idaho State University

Thank goodness for Google Maps, especially their satellite view! It makes looking around for interesting places to cycle quite easy. Also, it’s fun to check out recreation Web sites such as BLM.gov and then look around on Google Maps to see if you can get an idea of where a campground or trail system is […]

Riding The Tour De Vins 54 Mile Route

Family Services Alliance of Southeast Idaho puts on a yearly bike ride called the Tour de Vins and they have a variety of routes that can be taken. The routes range from “kid friendly” to “one heck of a 3 hour workout”. Naturally I had to sign-up for the most difficult one (see route here). […]

Making Use Of My Bicycle Child Trailer

Child Trailer Fun!

One of the best purchases I’ve made is my bicycle child trailer. Not only is it fun for my daughter to ride around in, but it’s great for going on pizza runs, hauling camping gear on cycle camps, and transporting around other items that aren’t easily bungeed onto a bicycle rack. […]