Bicycle Handling And Technique

Throughout my approximately 4 years of recreational and commuter cycling, I’ve mainly concentrated on getting faster, buying better bicycles, getting better at hill-climbing (haha!), vehicular cycling techniques, and other main staples of cycling. These all sort of come naturally over time. Some of the things that don’t come quite as naturally to me are bicycle […]

Desert Cycling In St. George, Utah

Desert view along Red Hills Parkway

Every few years, I join my family for a vacation at my grandmother-in-law’s house in the town of Washington, a suburb of St. George, Utah. And this year I decided to bring along my touring bicycle to do some exploration and photography around the area, and to see […]

Now They’re Making Comics About Me

Image by Paul Murray


Miles From Nowhere by Barbara Savage

Miles From Nowhere by Barbara Savage

I recently finished reading the non-fiction novel Miles From Nowhere by Barbara Savage, a must-read for anyone who is the least bit into exploring, adventure cycling, and traveling. Heck, anyone who is into anthropology, geography, culture, etc. should read it as well. I’m into all of the above, […]

My Favorite 2-Hour Challenge Ride


For the last few years, I have been using a really fun and scenic route over and over again that is also quite popular with many other cyclists in Pocatello. This route consists of Portneuf Road, Rapid Creek Road, and Buckskin Road, and is some of the most beautiful territory near Pocatello. […]

Snow Cycling Fun!

My Snow Bike Parked At Work

I remember it was only last year that I was learning to bicycle in the snow and attempting to gain some confidence with this unique cycling environment. This year, I am proud to say that I have a much more positive view of this fun and challenging activity. […]

Windsor Cliff 4300 Review

Windsor Cliff 4300

Windsor Cliff 4300 Gallery

Ok, folks, this isn’t going to be an exhaustive review, and I’ve only taken this bike on one significant mountain bike ride (a better review would come after, say, 500 miles of riding or something). But I can give you what I’ve observed so far!

First […]

The Two Cycling Philosophies (Classifications?)

I still consider myself a new cyclist in a lot of ways, and what I’m about to write has been written a bunch of different ways, and probably better ways, in the past by other much more experienced cyclists. But, hey, there’s nothing wrong about writing down your own thoughts in your own way. And […]

Cycle Camp 2010!

Bikes and Trailers

As you may have read in my past articles, every year my buddies and I have to do a cycle camp. The summer is just not complete without one. They usually involve cycling too far, carrying too much gear, exhaustion, and heavy drinking. :-)

We enjoyed camping in Goodenough Canyon near […]

Mountain Bike Ride Near Scout Mountain

Trying to look like a real MTBer.

A few months ago, a couple of friends of mine, Dan and Darren, expressed their yearning for a mountain bike ride, so being the avid cyclist that I am (or try to be), I agreed to come along. I’ve never been very good at mountain biking […]